About Me

My name is Bahman Riazifar. I was born in 1981, Tehran, Iran.
I've worked as a full-time graphic designer in some advertising
and commercial companies, beside freelance designing for about
8 years in IranDesigning logotypes, packaging design, casual stands,
and catalogs are the most favorite interests of mine.

 Master of Contemporary Art & Design practice. December 2013, Limkokwing University, Malaysia
 Bachelor of Graphic Design. 2008, Enghelab University, Tehran, Iran
 Advanced design courses in Ghobad Shiva institute 2004, Tehran, Iran
 Associate Diploma in Graphic Design. 2001, Beheshti college, Karaj, Iran
 Diploma in Graphic Design. 1998, Malek Ashtar School of Art, Tehran, Iran

 Pourateb Commercial Group (Sepaco Daru Co.) 2009–2011
Position: Full time Graphic Designer
Reports to: Advertising Department Manager
Responsible for design: Corporate identity, branding, design and

redesign logotypes, packages, stands, brochures, Posters etc.

 Freelance design experiences 2009
Design advertising merchandise for different companies as commercial,

music production, Film Making, Environment.

 Moballeghan Advertising Group (Iran Yellow Pages Provider) 2004–2007
Position: Part time Graphic Designer and Art director in special projects

(especially in cooperation with Photographers and 3D modelers)
Reports to: Atelier Manager
Responsible for: Design Logotypes, identities, Newspaper adv., industrial Catalogs

Food & industrial packaging designs

I have always inspired from sounds and images. From the first days of school,

I have tried to express myself by drawing in book's pages and I've preferred
Art class than others. Afterwards starting art school, and then passing especial
art courses with Mr. Ghobad Shiva(an international graphic designer in Iran),
made me prepared to join with the contemporary art word.
Simultaneously I have participated in some cooperative exhibitions until now. 
It always was interesting for me to product in field of protest and social Art.
I love to use photos and digital illustration together.

• Boom Rang gallery, Exhibition of Photography and Installation, Tehran, Iran, 2010
• Participating in the International Islamic poster's biennial, Tehran, Iran, 2009
• Participating in the international typography Biennial of Asma Husna, Tehran, Iran, 2008
• Participating in 2th international biennial of the Islamic poster, Tehran, Iran, 2007
• Candidate of the best short animation of Green Olive Biennial, Tehran, Iran, 2006
• Nezami Ganjavi Art Gallery, group poster exhibition, Tehran, Iran, 2005
• Honar Art Gallery, poster exhibition of passage Group, Tehran, Iran, 2003
• Blue Art Gallery, painting exhibition, Tehran, Iran, 1999

• Expert in designing Logotypes, pictograms, typefaces (Perso-Arabic and English or designing a pair set of them)
• Expert in designing desktop publishing materials as letters head set, catalogs, brochures, leaflets etc. adapted with printing principles
• Experienced in proposing campaign policy by cooperation with marketing research team. Or proposing a story or by sketching a primary storyboard about campaigns, either in print media or TV or billboard's adv and the internet presentations.
• Experienced in designing website and multimedia interfaces and cooperate with web designers.
• Experienced in Art directing and more than five years cooperation with illustrators, photographers, TV pogrom makers, musicians, animators and 3D modelers.
• Experienced in taking and manage general industrial photographs, in order to conduct advertising illustrations inside graphic materials and retouching processes.

Expert in Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign
Macromedia Freehand and Corel Painter in both Windows and Mac OS

• Mother-thong in Farsi
• Intermediate level in English